The Armageddon at Gowans

Once again, its game week. this game is a little different than the previous. the next game is always the most important, but this one has a bit more on the line. We face Garden City. already a feud to say the least, but this time theres gold on the line. If this were the NCAA, we would be in the playoffs. But this is JUCO; there can only be two teams. No 4 team playoff. No politics. Just #1 & #2 going head to head for the big one. Due to our loss to Iowa Western, we Dragons are ranked at #4. Iowa is #3, Garden is #2, and sitting at the top is East Mississippi. If we knock Garden off, they will drop, allowing us to get that much closer to playing for the national title. A shot in the dark, but still a firing chance. Aside from nationals, there’s also the conference… You see, Garden is undefeated in the conference and so are we. Both teams have ran thru the conference with very little hindrance. Garden is driven by their offensive efforts, lead by their two backs; both rushing for over 1000 yards… each. The Dragon defense is our pride and joy; only allowing about 260 yards rushing so far this season. This is the match up of the year without a doubt. Everything rides on one game

Will we prevail ?


Spooky Szn

I apologize if this does not rhyme,

but i must inform you that it’s time.

Pumpkins, bats, and candy corn.

Cheap rubber masks with plastic horns.

Trick or treating candy eating;

parents pockets start to bleeding.

Pick a character, choose a face,

dress really spooky, and find a place.

College parties to masquerades,

just look out for Jason’s blade.

Stay up late watching scary films

or Freddy will get you in the dream realm.

The horror films start to flow.

Meyers returns? Sure let’s go!

I said it all just to say to say in short

that halloween is here with fun of all sorts.

Question of the Day

Today I have a question for ya; what is making people act so crazy?

Hint: The same thing that will make someone dress in 30 layers and come outside. It instantly makes hot coco the most popular drink around. Fuzzy socks become the norm even for mammoth sized athletes. Classes mysteriously become a little more empty. It makes people who actually go to class scrape their cars clean with ice scrapers, and if you don’t have one handy, don’t worry; the lid from your cup will do. After your windshield is clean, it gives you the urge to take the residue, ball it up, and launch it at your friends. The same thing that makes people play Christmas music when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Scratch that; It’s not even November yet! I guess I¬†should’ve expected this when it made all the southern boys run outside with their phones to see, touch, and play in it for the first time.

Answer: Its Snow

Then two days later…the suns shining like nothing ever happened.

Fall Shenanigans

It’s fall time; the leaves are changing, the weathers getting a chill, and football is alive and well. This is an, overall, great time of year. What does this mean to you? Probably, not much right? Maybe some fun times ahead? Well…not for me! This time of year means random mood-swings from the AC/Heating unit in the dorm. On cold nights; the AC freezes you. On hot nights; the heater slow cooks you through the night.

But wait, there’s more! The caf…yes i’m ripping the caf again…doesn’t handle weather change well. Hot coco and soup in 90 degree weather. and ice cream in the 30’s. Pure confusion. Even the weather is confused. It could be 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next. At this point i just throw on clothes and hope for the best.

So what does fall mean to me? Fall means pure confusion for me; dorm, food, weather, everything. But hey, at least football is consistent right? #GODragz

S.O.S. Starving!

Dear all people with a heart,

Hutch needs your help immediately! We have a major issue at hand; we aren’t proud of it. The thing we are doing are probably illegal, and if not they should be. What’s the issue you ask? The caf! It’s gotta be some form of torture to eat there 3 times a day everyday! Have you seen what is served there? Yesterday was a dry quarter of a hamburger with a hard tear-apart slice of cheese, rocks for veggies, and plato potatoes with water gravy. They even ruin the breakfast; how do you ruin breakfast? Wet scrambled eggs, soft bacon, crispy (burnt) sausage, chewy French toast with syrup that apparently evaporates because theres never any left! Seriously, how do you ruin breakfast? i can’t eat cereal everyday; as if that was an option. Sour milk and stale cereal are always a great way to start the day. How can i forget, every meal comes with a side of flies…

So please people, have a heart and donate to the FeedAMe program. For only $0.50/week, you can feed a starving JB, assist a hungry college student continue to be productive, and feed a malnourished college athlete.

Thank you for your time.

Real Life Fortnite?

Attention all gun freaks, fun geeks, and athletes; grab a Nerf gun from the local Walmart and prepare for battle! Instead of sitting in your room looking at a wall in search of excitement, like i do, lets all get together and launch pieces of plush at each other! Meet some of your classmates and neighbors while having a little fun reliving your childhood. Do you have anything better to do? Are you going to hang out with your normal friend group? Come expand your horizon! Are you going to go play video games, Fortnite or Call of Duty maybe? Why not load up your ammo and reenact it in person? Doing homework? Well… you should finish that…and then come out!

For all of you that think you’re to grown up or two cool for Nerf wars…come prove it. I’ll bet you can’t land a single shot; come prove me wrong!

There’s no set date, just be prepared, and when you see darts flying,it’s on!


(P.S. do not mention to ResLife… haters gonna hate)

A Loss to Silence the Critics…

Its the week of the big game. We are playing Iowa Western, the #2 team in the nation, the team that declassed the Blue Dragons last year. Bad blood is in the air for this one. If we win; we become top 5 in the nation, placing us that much closer to not only a conference championship, but rather a national. If we lose, the journey to the rings is extended.

All the hype and trash talk kicks up immediately after the win against Independence. Winning a game that will be on Netflix is good for an athlete’s soul. Team morale is abnormally high; players and coaches. We enter the week with a steady mindset, all focused on sending the Rievers on a long sad drive home. We practice long and hard. Everything will never be perfect on the turf, but we reach a comfortable place; confident that the future holds a Blue Dragon Victory.

Its game day. We meet at the stadium to begin our pregame rituals; eat together, relax, envision the win, and prepare to take it. Jerseys are on pads. Wrists and ankles are taped. Cleats are tightened. Everyones ready to go. The ball is struck off the tee; the first shots of a long war, for us that is. We strike first using the schematics we’ve practiced all week. They answer with a field goal, taking what they could because thats all we would give. It looks like this one will be a quick one. Then everything took a turn for the worst. The Riever offense eluded our defense in a number of ways, while the defense had an answer for everything we were attempting. The game had become a slippery slope, one angled against Big Blue. Finally toward the end of war, beaten and battered, we make a comeback and tighten it up. As quick as we show signs of life, they are quicker to take it away. We lose the game 33-24

Nobody in the halls at night. The lobby was soulless. The entire dorm silenced. Dramatic? Not at all; this is college, we are supposed to be passionate about the game! But can we bounce back from this one?

…of course we can; we defeat Fort Scott 61-21 in conference play the next week; everything is back to normal.