Late Night Study Sessions…

Its 2am, you’re finishing up your homework that’s due in the morning because you procrastinated all week. Your roommate is asleep, so you relocate to the lobby. You think you’ll be alone…you’re wrong! Immediately after opening the door to the lobby, you hear Saturday’s games being replayed on one end and the Black Panther movie being played on the other! Only in the dorms is traffic this thick at 2am on a Thursday.

People watching is always fun, especially when it gives another avenue to procrastination. Watching and listening to the life of the dorm at 2 am is shocking but hilarious. How do guys who go to school for 5 hours and practice for another 4 have this much energy? Do they sleep? Is this what goes on while you’re asleep? Are you missing out?

The answers are; No we don’t sleep, yes, this happens every night while you’re in bed, and yes, you are missing out. #StayWoke


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