Real Life Fortnite?

Attention all gun freaks, fun geeks, and athletes; grab a Nerf gun from the local Walmart and prepare for battle! Instead of sitting in your room looking at a wall in search of excitement, like i do, lets all get together and launch pieces of plush at each other! Meet some of your classmates and neighbors while having a little fun reliving your childhood. Do you have anything better to do? Are you going to hang out with your normal friend group? Come expand your horizon! Are you going to go play video games, Fortnite or Call of Duty maybe? Why not load up your ammo and reenact it in person? Doing homework? Well… you should finish that…and then come out!

For all of you that think you’re to grown up or two cool for Nerf wars…come prove it. I’ll bet you can’t land a single shot; come prove me wrong!

There’s no set date, just be prepared, and when you see darts flying,it’s on!


(P.S. do not mention to ResLife… haters gonna hate)


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