Fall Shenanigans

It’s fall time; the leaves are changing, the weathers getting a chill, and football is alive and well. This is an, overall, great time of year. What does this mean to you? Probably, not much right? Maybe some fun times ahead? Well…not for me! This time of year means random mood-swings from the AC/Heating unit in the dorm. On cold nights; the AC freezes you. On hot nights; the heater slow cooks you through the night.

But wait, there’s more! The caf…yes i’m ripping the caf again…doesn’t handle weather change well. Hot coco and soup in 90 degree weather. and ice cream in the 30’s. Pure confusion. Even the weather is confused. It could be 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next. At this point i just throw on clothes and hope for the best.

So what does fall mean to me? Fall means pure confusion for me; dorm, food, weather, everything. But hey, at least football is consistent right? #GODragz


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