Question of the Day

Today I have a question for ya; what is making people act so crazy?

Hint: The same thing that will make someone dress in 30 layers and come outside. It instantly makes hot coco the most popular drink around. Fuzzy socks become the norm even for mammoth sized athletes. Classes mysteriously become a little more empty. It makes people who actually go to class scrape their cars clean with ice scrapers, and if you don’t have one handy, don’t worry; the lid from your cup will do. After your windshield is clean, it gives you the urge to take the residue, ball it up, and launch it at your friends. The same thing that makes people play Christmas music when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Scratch that; It’s not even November yet! I guess I should’ve expected this when it made all the southern boys run outside with their phones to see, touch, and play in it for the first time.

Answer: Its Snow

Then two days later…the suns shining like nothing ever happened.


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