The Armageddon at Gowans

Once again, its game week. this game is a little different than the previous. the next game is always the most important, but this one has a bit more on the line. We face Garden City. already a feud to say the least, but this time theres gold on the line. If this were the NCAA, we would be in the playoffs. But this is JUCO; there can only be two teams. No 4 team playoff. No politics. Just #1 & #2 going head to head for the big one. Due to our loss to Iowa Western, we Dragons are ranked at #4. Iowa is #3, Garden is #2, and sitting at the top is East Mississippi. If we knock Garden off, they will drop, allowing us to get that much closer to playing for the national title. A shot in the dark, but still a firing chance. Aside from nationals, there’s also the conference… You see, Garden is undefeated in the conference and so are we. Both teams have ran thru the conference with very little hindrance. Garden is driven by their offensive efforts, lead by their two backs; both rushing for over 1000 yards… each. The Dragon defense is our pride and joy; only allowing about 260 yards rushing so far this season. This is the match up of the year without a doubt. Everything rides on one game

Will we prevail ?


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